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Time for Real change - Time to put the Great back into Britain - Time to vote UKIP
The Referendum has concluded that THE UK IS TO REMAIN THE UK, it is leaving behind EU's controversial new controlled closed single market rules.
However there seems to be some confusion regarding the future deal we may have, but this fear is unfounded, because the one thing the Out & In campaigns can agree on is that we all want a Common Market.

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Yes the answer is in place and has been right in front of our noses - WE WANT THE COMMON MARKET - Our politicians should not lose sight of this prize
Find the facts before you vote - See the news page                                     

The next step - London Borough Elections Choice - 2018

UKIP’s priority is to open up government, decentralize the decision-making process and empower people to choose what is important to them. UKIP will not allow the current madness to continue any longer. 

UKIP will reduce your cost of living and increase quality of your life by building a more prosperous Britain – protecting and increasing your opportunities for jobs, education, housing, welfare and the NHS, transport, defence, policing and delivering a better economy by ensuring that the UK can trade with Europe and the rest of the world. This is not about little England, its about GB going Global and not being held back by the failing EU project. 

UKIP will also ensure that the priority of local services will be for local people. 

               Sovereignty - Ensure the UK is run by the UK, Not the EU
               Prosperity   - Cut the Cost of Living and Increase Quality of Life
               Integrity      - Champion Truth, Honesty and Keeping Promises
               Community - Rebuild a Britain that Lib/Lab/Con Politician's Broke
               Economy    - Improve Jobs, Education, Housing, NHS, Security and Pensions
               Democracy - Let People Decide on the Things that Affect their Lives
                                               DON'T VOTE EU  -  VOTE UK

        Really Save the UK and Really Put the UK First

                          This is what is meant by the saying "acting in the national interest"

At a time when Scotland is demanding its freedom from Westminster, it is prepared to surrender to the EU. What kind of independence is that for Scotland? UKIP believe in Britain; it believe in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and this is not against any of the countries in the world, it is just Pro-UK . How can any sane person think that this is wrong, or believe that a tiny island like the UK can look after the 8 Billion people in the rest of the World? Its not about saving hundreds, it is fast becoming millions and we simply don't have the resources. This mass exodus from the rest of the EU and the EU allow this also from the rest of the world cannot continue, We have to return to the foreign policy that worked well for us for generations before this EU experiment and bring the discussion back good old common sense.

    Please use the contact form and let us know where these unlimited resources are and how the UK can feed the EU and the World? We are more than happy to listen.