Hampton North

Paul Rodwell

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Paul has been a resident in the Ward for the past three years. Before that he was a resident of Ealing for twenty eight years, so he is well aware of the conditions in, and the pressures facing, the west London Boroughs.

Before retiring he was for over thirty years an investment analyst for organisations in the City of London and elsewhere.  He has a keen interest in the prosperity of local businesses and the local economy. He wants Richmond council to do the maximum amount possible to promote local business, and avoid arbitrary and damaging decisions on local parking, traffic management, and planning which hit local business.

He is also keen to examine the Council finances, to see whether admin costs can be cut, and arbitrary charges reduced.

Paul is married with one daughter, with personal knowledge of the real difficulties of younger people trying to live in London, facing absurd housing costs, high travel costs and often depressed wages.

Paul has travelled to many countries over the years and has always observed the straight forward patriotism and pride in country shown by their inhabitants. This is apparently not permissible in the UK, but this should change.

Paul stood in the 2014 Richmond Council election as a UKIP candidate in Hampton North Ward. He is currently Secretary of the Richmond and Twickenham UKIP Branch.


Three local priorities

Extend free and short term parking, and examine opportunities to expand parking spaces, to aid local business

Prevent permission for over-development and resist government pressure to accommodate an unending flow of net immigration. Preserve public open space at all costs.

Examine council admin spending in order to cut council tax, not merely maintain it at the current level



Michael Mackie 

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Firstly may I thank the residents of Hampton North for their support in the local Council Elections. 

I was born, and have spent most of my life, in this beautiful Borough where my family go back 150 years. I was educated at Archdeacon Cambridge and Whitton Secondary and my 2 daughters have also attended local schools. I have worked in local government for 45 years, including the London Borough Richmond, and as your UKIP Hampton North Representative I am here to help you with any problems you may have.

Please feel free to contact me by phone on 07961 420862 or by email at michaelmackie52@yahoo.co.uk


Michael Maloney