North Richmond

Jack Sosnierz

I have lived in Richmond/Kew area since 1979

I work in Airlines/Airports Information Technology Industry

My reason for joining and becoming UKIP activist was appealing new style open/transparent politics and desire for United Kingdom to leave European Community under present rules and conditions.

My local concerns/priorities are:

  • Safer roads including cycling and appropriate speed limits
  • Better services for elderly residents
  • Conscious planning and accountability of Council Officers i.e... No phantom high rises in the back of people gardens, no railway pedestrian bridges compromising on residents’ privacy, more efficient use of level crossings
  • Reviving and maintenance of neglected roads and forgotten community enclaves
  • Reducing aircraft noise
  • Local jobs/contracts to local businesses/trades
  • Bringing back Ice Ring to Richmond
  • Enhanced street parking for local residents


Raymond Perrin