Rev Dominic Stockford

Dominic picture.jpg

I have lived and ministered in Teddington since 2001. My work keeps me here, and I am available much of the time.

As that fact should explain, my interest in local politics is not in seeking personal advancement, but in working for the people who live in Teddington.

Over the last few years I have learnt that the desires of the community are frequently subjugated to the intentions of the council.

UKIP's local intentions are to allow those who live in an area to have a genuine say about what happens. So, for instance, if it is thought that bus-stops might need to be moved around, this (with a UKIP council) would only happen  when it is the people who use them who want it. Or, if it is thought that a public space may need to be altered then it will be the local people who will be given the voice in whatever may (or may not) happen.

The local Council should work for the people, it should serve the people, it should NOT govern the people. They should be public servants. It is UKIP's intention to bring this about.


As UKIP Ward Representative for Teddington I am available (just as I am as a minister) to seek to help and support local people, either when they feel the genuine wishes of the whole community (rather than just part of it) are not being listened to, or when individuals would like support over some matter which is causing them difficulty.