The EU – In or out?

Why don’t Politicians tell us the Truth?

The real choice - EU Obedience, or UK Freedom

On EU; Tory, Labour, Lib Dem and Green: Delusional, or Liars?

This whole question to date has been characterised by misinformation & propaganda

For instance it is illogical to have a yes for EU and No for UK, if you live in the UK, because you are going against your own country. The UK is your country and by voting EU, are voting against the UK!!   YES of course you are. 

Therefore the suggestion that a yes for EU is in the national interest is perverse, because rationally it can’t be, by voting for something else – EU, its against yourself or own country  – the UK. This used to be called treason, now it is just described as being a fool. It is simple, it is disloyal act against your own country if you want it run by another organisation. They say you are doing it because the country will be better off and therefore you are acting in the national interest. NO, how can getting 30 pieces of silver make you a better christian? It doesn’t, voting for EU means losing the UK – losing sovereignty, democracy, economy, environment and society for a bit of “blood money” is madness!!

Now the misnomer of the EU being Europe!! The EU is not Europe; it is an organisation, not a country that happens to have been given authority by countries to run their affairs. The EU having aspirations to become a country and phase in every closer union is reality. In fact, even as you are considering how to vote in the referendum, the EU is planning political and monetary union. The removal of these last 2 aspects of UK freedom, will get the EU go ahead, if the UK votes for the EU and the UK will no longer exist and there will be no more pound!! This is the reality.

No matter how much the political elite, who are the servants of big business, lie to you about the economic benefits to try and  line their own pockets, the EU is not a healthy free market, it is trade cartel that says "give us a tenner and you won't get hurt"!! It is a petty extortion racket. Countries in Europe need to trade with the UK, so Germany, France, Italy, Spain, etc etc will continue to trade with the UK, no matter what the EU says. In fact we will get better trading agreements with the countries in Europe, our Commonwealth and the rest of the world by being able to make our own trade deals. Choosing to leave the EU, allows Britain to go global once more. And I think you will find all the other EU countries will soon follow to form a proper European Free Trade Area.

Finally this idea that the EU has kept Europe at peace for the past 70 years is again a falsehood. NATO restricting the armament of Germany and Japan, this has kept the peace and the EU continually fails in every way in it approaches to solving conflict.


If you want to empower yourself on this crucial decision about the future of the UK, why don’t you read the actual EU Treaties and see how far this disaster has done?  – I did.

Click on the below links to find the real truth about the EU

Most worrying Treaty of Lisbon…..                                                 2007

Treaty of Nice. …                                                                         2001

Treaty of Amsterdam. …                                                               1999

Treaty on European Union – Maastricht Treaty. …                            1993

Single European Act. …                                                                1986

Merger Treaty – Brussels Treaty. …                                                1967

Treaties of Rome : EEC and EURATOM treaties. …                         1958

Treaty establishing the European Coal and Steel Community….        1952

They have been consistently moving towards full union, so if you want the UK, you have to say No to EU. This political and monetary union has to stop.


The EU has authority over country parliaments, in other words the UK currently has to do what the EU says. Over 65% of all laws are from Brussels and the UK MEPs do not have a vote as you and I know it, they only ratify or not, laws are put forward by EU bureaucrats.

We have a constant number of Councillors and MPs, but as population rises the share of their time reduces, eg 1 MP for 50,000 people and the population doubles, your access to democracy halves. This is the same for all areas of Government.

The EU is like the Eurovision song contest, everyone is supposed to be choosing the best song, but they just vote for their mates, so the UK does not get a look in. The agreement to be inside a reforming EU this therefore nonsense as the UK is always out voted, so this idea is a joke.

When you consider a political system you have to analyse the nature of it to enable you to understand where it sits. In the old days we had capitalist conservative, socialist Labour, middle of the road Lib/Dem and a host of others. Today we have conservative, labour, Lib Dem supporting the EU and UKIP, rouge conservatives and a host of others, supporting the UK.

So what is the politics of the EU? Well the EU has a system of social organization in which all property is owned by the community and each person contributes and receives according to their ability and needs. This is the definition of communism; all these UK so called democratic parties are supporting extreme left wing socialism. They are hoodwinking people.


Look at the Office of Budget Responsibility publish data on its website – the UK current account, the UK bank account shows a negative value for our trade with the EU. In fact the connection to a failing EU economy put the UK economy at risk.

And what of the idea that of 3 million jobs being lost? This has already been discredited as these jobs are being filled by EU workers. These are UK jobs that have been taken as they are low paid and undermine the 100 years of Union struggle to get rights for workers. Of course some industrialists support this because they get cheap labour. But the majority of business has not signed in EU letters, because they support UK workers for UK jobs. Despite these 3 million new jobs the unemployment figure has retained at 2 million. Without these EU workers there would be zero unemployment.

If you say yes to EU, you say yes to the failing Euro and have to join in with bailing out poorer Eurozone countries, Greece, Spain, Italy and possibly even France. This can’t be right!!

Trade with the rest of the world is being lost by having to go along with the EU trade cartel. We can’t make our own trade deals. The EU only represents a 500 million people market, we are losing out on 2.1 Billion in the commonwealth and then there the biggest market in the world, the USA, number 2 China and then Russia, the far east etc etc, we do better for UK PLC to Go Global then be dictated to by the EU. And after all again I emphasize that the EU is not European countries, all these countries are not going to stop trading with Britain; it is their largest market.  What we need was already perfect, a common market by any name, economic community, European trade area, what ever the name. But the UK could take the lead on this and see who joins. The European Free Trade Association already exists. It has Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland at the moment, if the UK joined so would Hungary, Greece and a number of other European countries to form a free European market, not a communist one.

The most effective way of developing the UK economy is to do what the US did in the mid 1980, by stopping cheap Japanese imports, they caused a boom in the US manufacturing sector and China has its import restriction.


Quality of life is made from the number of people and the resources available, in other words few people, high resources equals high standard of living. As the population rises and the resources remain constant, the standard of living reduces. It is a fact of life.

The UK had a stable population of 56 million from 1970 to 1995, 25 years of stability. Then in the lead up to the Treaty of Amsterdam (the first rules regarding the free movement of people) this increased. By the time of Directive 2004/38/EC this had become a flood and now stands at 67 million people.

From a population dynamics point of view this has exceeded most third world population growth levels. This has had a devastating affect on jobs, schools, housing, NHS, congestion and will in future affect food, water and our open spaces.

The housing shortage is not because of an underlying trend for population growth in the UK, it is because of the vast numbers of EU migrants snapping up the housing stock from UK residents. When you hear of politicians saying we are going to build more housing to meet demand, what does this really mean? It means first brown-field and then our farmland and open spaces will be built on. This again affects our quality of life as Richmond 2,500 people per square kilometre, will become first as densely populated as Ealing 3,500 and then rise to Central London densities of 7,500 plus. The very green space that makes Richmond a great place to live will no longer exist in you life time.


With new EU Treaties of political and monetary union just around the corner, even control of access to UK resources will no longer be possible. You can see this now in UK benefits being paid to children in other EU countries. And you say why not? Because this leaves less money for our unemployed and poor people here!!

To vote EU, you have to recognise huge structural change in the way culture will operate in future. The identity of the country will be increasingly diluted to the point where no country in Europe will be different from the other. You say so what? Well the first rule of nature is that diversity leads to stability. In any population, monoculture is a huge risk because if there is a failure the entire system could go down. In local diverse populations, if there is a problem in one, there are others. This is about celebrating individuality and freedom, not mediocrity and uniformity. Purely on this point alone everyone should not want to resist this EU communist invasion.


If you examine the facts, there is and overwhelming sovereignty, democratic, economic, environmental and social weight of evidence that the EU is bad for the UK. The EU was original designed as a free trade area and this is how it should remain. The aspirations of the EU becoming a country and completing the process of political and monetary union is far more worrying any any uncertainty could by standing on our own two feet as a world trading country again.

This is not what previous generations imagined when they were defending the UK against invasion and here we are with an economic invasion on our doorstep and the there are many Chamberlain type figures saying “I have a piece of paper”. Well it means nothing, the facts are in the Treaties and some tiny renegotiation does not change those.

We have always been a great global trading nation and far from this being a “little Englander” mentality, it’s the mentality of a nation that has the confidence to trade with the world and not a pawn in some communist trade cartel.

The only people that actually benefit from the EU are those that wish to avoid hard fought workers right, with the aim of getting cheap foreign labour.  And you say what about the NHS recruitment. Well each time we recruit aboard we are doing two things. 1) Undermining the training of our own young people to get jobs and 2) to remove medical professionals from the country they come from, leaving that country short of nurses, doctors and support staff. This is immoral.

The EU is putting UK citizens out of work, it is taking scare resources of school places, housing, hospital beds etc etc away form the people that have paid into the system to provide them in the fist place and this is wrong, wrong, wrong.

In this ever increasingly competitive world market, you don’t win the work by sharing it, you win it by being the best. The EU is not safer for the UK, it is a fundamental drain on the country and we have to leave the sinking ship now before it drags us down too.

In an age of awareness, it is the single largest failing of humanity to fail to recognise the dangers of uncontrolled growth. The exponential equation recognises that the resources available on this planet are not limitless and in that appreciation, we have the change for decision making.

If our politicians do not understand the world is finite and there is only so much to go around, we will all suffer. It is humane to help others where you can, but as the man that gave away his riches to help others, was eventually left hungry himself, with no one to help, not country including the UK is big enough to feed the world if it leads to starvation in its own people. The UK isn't getting any bigger, so to build more to accommodate more from the EU, there will be less left for the UK.

If we have to be scared for our economy because the EU is a state controlled monopoly that is slowly taking over the individual nations, we are better off trading with the individual countries and the rest of the world. The penny is beginning to drop and this closed cartel will ultimately fail, because of its discriminatory rules.

The EU will bleed us dry, I’m for the UK; we have to resist the EU communists.

Wednesday, Dec 3rd 2014 - The People's Party still growing

Rise & Rise of UKIP75.jpg

Record poll surge gives Ukip 25%: Survey would hand Farage astonishing 128 MPs... and puts Ed Miliband on new low 

Nationwide support for Nigel Farage’s Ukip has soared to an all-time high 25 per cent – enough for the party to take Parliament by storm with well over 100 MPs.

That is the shock result of a Survation poll for The Mail on Sunday, carried out after Ukip rocked the Tories and Labour in two by-elections.

What the paper's say November 2014

The Guardian
Ukip could capture 30 seats in 2015 election, new data shows

Nigel Farage: Ukip to snatch 40 seats at General Election as more MPs swap blue for purple

SKY News 
UKIP Could Win Over 100 Seats, Say Experts
The forecast comes after UKIP gave both the Tories and Labour plenty to think in by-elections


2014 Local Election Results

UKIP have changed the political landscape

Across the UK UKIP's local elections results were described by the BBC as "remarkable" collecting 25% of the vote and gaining over 100 Council seats.

Locally, congratulations to the Conservatives, at last the LibDem "yellow peril" has gone from Richmond Borough. However we all must not be complacent. We must watch very closely in the coming months to see if the Conservatives stick to what they say. They must improve the lifestyle of residents by: lowering the Council Tax, improving the planning system, provide better services, lower school appeals, revise the Local Development Framework, increase community consultation by changing the Statement of Community Involvement and take more care on the environment.

From fielding one candidate at the last local election, UKIP has become a real force for local change. We look forward to building on this position as more and more people are realizing that the main-stream parties have and will continue to let them down - Let's wait and see if the Conservatives can deliver?

UKIP - Richmond Local Election facts; the votes are building:

                                                                                     2010                    2014




East Sheen



Fulwell & Hampton



Ham, Petersham & Richmond Riverside






Hampton North



Hampton Wick









Mortlake & Barnes



North Richmond



South Richmond



South Twickenham



St Margarets & North Twickenham






Twickenham Riverside



West Twickenham






                                                            Total               231                       6930